‘Quite unlike any land you know about’ – Rudyard Kipling

The fascinating land of Burma has been hidden from the world, ensuring that its beauty and charm have remained unspoilt. Now welcoming visitors, it is an intriguing country and much of its appeal to travellers lies in the way it has been unaffected by modern developments.

Burma (also known as Myanmar) is a jewel that has remained hidden for decades, but which is now opening up to the world revealing astonishing natural beauty and an unparalleled cultural heritage.

With a civilization that’s more than 2, 500 years old, Burma is a mysterious and magical land with magnificent temple architecture set in timeless and sublime landscapes.

Everywhere a visitor travels in Burma, they will encounter hospitable, inquisitive and friendly people more than willing to share their fascinating culture.

Get a visa A visa must be obtained before entering Burma…

Culture and people Its a combination of Myanmar Art and Culture, together to show the inner expressions of the Myanmar people….

How to get there: Yangon and Mandalay International Airports are the main Intl Airports in Myanmar.

Yangon, Bagan, Mandalay and vivid life along Irrawaddy river are among top destinations in Myanmar…

Weather & climate: Burma has three seasons. From September to February the daytime temperature is about 28 degrees Celsius…


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